The Crafty Historian

In a attempt to get the interest in sewing revived I am co-ordinating a year long community participation project affectionately called 'NI Big Sock'. The purpose is to get as many people in Northern Ireland as possible involved in creating the world's largest handsewn patchwork stocking. 

You can participate in various ways and you do not have to sew (although if you decided to learn this valuable skill this would be wonderful!)

Need donations of non-stretch fabric - duvet covers, sheets, shirts, light weight curtains or scraps of fabric from sewing projects. Also need thick paper such as calendars (for templates) and sewing items such as spools of thread, scissors etc so as public sewing sessions can be undertaken. 

Need people to draw around templates, cut ot paper and fabric hexagons as well as people to sew the fabric on to the papers (tacking is only sewing skill required here!) and to sew hexagons together  (overstitching or whip stitch)

If you want to find out more or follow the progress of the NI Big Sock please check out the facebook page NI Big Sock. Please like, share, comment and help realize this challenge and get a creative world record for Northern Ireland.

Thank you and fingers crossed for a successful project