The Crafty Historian

Female artists are less well known than their male counterparts. This series of talks aims to redress this balance and give their works recognition. The talks examine the background, lives and works of women who created art during the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries. The artists featured used various artistic techniques and either lived or exhibited in Belfast.

The talks can be taken as a single session on one of the artists, or you can hear them all as a series over six weeks.

As my research continues more artists will be added to the list.

Talk 1. Wilhelmina Geddis (1887- 1955) - stained glass artist

Talk 2. Helen O'Hara (1846-1920) - landscape and seascape painter

Talk 3. Marjorie A. Robinson (1858-1924) - miniature portrait painter

Talk 4. Sydney M. Thompson (1847-1923) - landscape and portrait painter

Talk 5. Ethel Rhind (1879-1952) - stained glass artist

Talk 6. Eva McKee (born1890)  - decorative crafts

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £5 per person